A warm welcome from Dignity ‘n’ Care

At some point in our lives we all need help or support, people to help make daily living and the things we need to do easier for us, which helps to enhance our quality of life, enjoying time with our loved ones and remaining active and part of the community. Cultural Care are passionate about providing care that reflects the diversity of our service users.

Dignity ‘n’ Care’s mission is to help our service users live with dignity and confidence in their own homes, and to be active and involved in making their own decisions.  We believe in respecting the rights and values of our service users, and we want to empower our service users and motivate them to get on well in their day-to-day lives to achieve their own goals and ambitions. Our duty is to support those in need of help in maintaining their daily living activities, providing services such as personal care, meals that reflect each service user’s culture and preferences (for example traditional British meals such as cottage pie or a roast dinner, Caribbean meals such as ackee and salt fish, or an Indian curry),  laundry, shopping and domestic chores with regard to each service user’s cultural background.  Matching a care-giver with a similar cultural background and language where desirable.

Good care and stability helps to enhance the quality of people’s lives, time can still be enjoyed with loved ones and people shall have the opportunity to remain actively involved in family and social activities. We will support and husbands, wives and other family members caring for the service user with help and advice on such issues as respite care. Dignity ‘n’ Care are committed to supporting people in the community to live as they normally would, and provide dignified care.  Living with dignity makes our lives full of quality regardless of health issues, providing support is there.  Our organisation is always willing and happy to encourage good health, healthy eating, and definitely like to support our service users to make the best choices and decisions for themselves.

We are profoundly committed to supporting those who use our service to achieve their personal goals and aspirations. We will also make referrals on the behalf of the people we support and to empower the service users to know their rights and motivate them to help themselves in the right direction.

Who are we?

Dignity ‘n’ Care is one of Southwest Care Service providers of Domiciliary home care. This organisation has been providing good quality home care services for approximately 9 years. We are a Limited Company and a registered Domiciliary Care Provider with Care Quality Commission Provider ID: 1-2566641398 – Location ID: 1-2805800449. We are registered as Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care Ltd, however we trade under Dignity ‘n’ Care.

We provide a unique service which caters for Cultural needs but, not exclusively. Our aims and passion is to support independent living, and make a difference in the lives of the people who require a tailored needed service.

What we do

Tailored to meet your needs, we visit you to carry out an initial assessment of what you require, and we designed your care needs around the most important things to you. We are committed to seeing you as often as you would like to see us. The information of our support services and wide range of services we offer can be found in our service section. Most of our customers mostly enjoy a combination of services.

Our work is flexible and can vary depending on the needs of the service user.  We think the choice should always be yours. Please see ‘Our care services’ to see the range of services provided.

What our clients say


I enjoy receiving the different cultural staff because I get a variety of cultural meals which I really enjoy, and the staff of Cultural Care are very nice and professional.

Bridget MCcarthy

Service User, Cultural Care

We are delighted to say that we are happy with the services provided by Cultural Care. Audrey is treated very well and the staff are very friendly.

Audrey & Raymond Chapman

Service users, Cultural Care

Cultural Dignity n Care provided daily support for my mother Audrey for over two years. The team demonstrated a high level of commitment to her wellbeing and quality of life. They established a close relationship with both of my parents and through their care they provided the family with reassurance during a difficult time.

Audrey & Raymond Chapman

Service users, Cultural Care


Someone you love is in need of Personal Care Services in and around Bristol, UK? Get in touch with us and make an appointment.

Services available

Dignity ‘n’ Care Services can range from personal care, help with cleaning and other domestic tasks, shopping, getting out and about and being part of the communities, to all aspects of meeting cultural needs.

personal care
  • Companionship
  • Domestic Support
  • Meal Preparation
  • Befriending
  • Dog walking
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Deep household cleaning
  • Support with Community activities
  • Respite Care with required
  • General advice
  • Support with paying household bills
  • Cultural foods tailored to meet needs
  • Prompt medication
  • Personal Care and Hygiene


Please make contact with us to find out if we can help, or let someone contact us on your behalf.