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We specialize in Home Care Services in Bristol, UK

The company provides personal care such as Bathing, Cooking, Shopping, Domestic chores etc. giving basic support to people in their own homes.  Our services are currently based on referral, from social services, health authorities and self-referral.

The client group is primarily senior citizens, but we do care for any age. Care is provided 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year from short support visits to packages which may be under direct payments, personalized budgets and local authority organisation.  In the near future we do intend to apply as a credited provider by the local authorities.  The company is able to offer live-in care on 24-hour cover with negotiable cost, waking nights and sleeping nights in addition to regular day time visits.

Personal care
The main objective of providing care entails bathing, showering, undressing, dressing, feeding, housework, preparation of breakfast and meals. This forms the bedrock of the care package because it enables the person’s mental well-being so they can live in dignity.
Daily Assistance Support

This kind of support is very important to the lives of senior people. They continue desire to realise their daily functions as it used to be. It actually involves taking the client out for a walkabout, going to practice faith such as church or mosque etc. This facility is very important in the whole care package because it gives the client a sense of dignity and self-fulfillment of his/her mandates.

Domestic support

The cleanliness of the client’s environment is key to and therefore relevant to her health and safety. Cultural Care provides domestic duties ranging from general house cleaning and backyard, ironing of clothes and cooking specific diets either daily or weekly as may specified in the care plan. Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds which gives us the opportunity to be able serve best in this capacity.

Medication support
This area needs special attention because senior people by virtue of the advanced age becomes vulnerable to sickness. We therefore have the trained man power to administer medication correctly and at regular intervals. We all provide accompanying service to our clients to and from their doctors’ appointments as may be requested.
The service we are giving aims to provide support and encouragement but not to create dependency. The main aim is to enable individuals to live independently with dignity in their homes and to be a part of their community for as long as possible. The clients and their families will be encouraged to participate in the planning of the care to ensure that it is provided in a sensitive and appropriate manner to meet individual and cultural needs.

The people who use our service will be given as much choice and control over the care they receive; a leverage relevant to promoting equality, diversity and human rights.

Priority is given by communicating between the company and its clients to ensure that their needs are being met effectively. Individual service users will be given every opportunity to comment on the services being provided through a formal spot check and periodic Client Satisfaction Survey.

Dignity ‘n’ Care aims to ensure its resources are focused on the needs of its clients. Whilst a comprehensive service is offered, we have a tendency towards clients with higher complex needs; and those requiring special needs and palliative care. The company also provides relief cover for those who have Personal Assistants and require someone to cover on short notices, holidays and sickness.

Community Support Services

Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care provide flexible Community Support Services for people in the Community. The service we offer are to support individuals living in the community:

We are also happy to support those needing accommodation-based Support which can be received within a supported living environment or in their own home: We also provide day and night opportunities support within a building-based environment or in a person own home which is aimed to encourage wellbeing and inclusion.

Our aims are to encourage greater independence for those who are otherwise unable to help themselves:

Please see some examples of the support services we provide:

  • Sitting service e.g. carers sitting serice that give carers an opportunity to take a break from daily routines – this gives a Carer/family member the opportunity to go shopping or even on a short break/holiday.
  • Attending social activities to enable independence. · Ironing, Laundry, clothes washing and drying or supporting a person with these household chores to encourage independent living.
  • Support with writing letters or paying bills. · Support with budgeting, financing e.g. paying bill and sending letters.
  • Independent living skills around tenancy support, including shopping and cooking meals
  • Supporting and encouraging access to education, employment and training within the community which supports independence.
  • Support to ensure physical access to sports and recreational activities/swimming to a support healthy living.
  • Support with grocery shopping to promote and enable a healthy living and diet.
  • Support with Community outreach within the community the aims are to encourage greater independence, mental wellbeing and inclusion.
  • Sleep-ins/waking nights and night shifts when required.
  • 1 to 1 support for any social community activity.
  • Support at home by giving companionship and assistance that would usually be provided by carer or family member.
  • Service user to be taken out of home environment to give carer or family member time at home alone or to enable carer or family member to do other activities outside of the home.


An Out-of-Hours Service is operative after the office closes at 5 PM to 9 AM the following day, Monday – Sunday and all Holidays. This service is available so we can be contacted in the event of an emergency.

  • the out of hours service is ONLY for all service users and employees to use
  • the office is manned from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday – Friday.


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