When times get a little tough, it’s understandable that you could need a little help with the struggles of daily life. Home care services can be the perfect solution to provide support in your home, or with a friend or family member. Whether assistance is provided on a 24-hour, or pre-arranged visit basis, home care could help to restore familiarity during life changing situations.

Home care can also be extremely flexible dependent on the requirements of the individual or yourself. This can range from general day and emergency care, to short-term respite for unpaid family carers who provide 24-hour support to their family member.

Companionship is also a significant benefit found through home care services, as carers provide valuable socialisation that many may not have previously had access to. Simple things such as this ensure that even in the hardest times, life is made that little bit better.

Whatever your needs, home care agencies can offer a wide range of suitable, services to assist those who may struggle to live independently.

Personal Care

This form of care provides support for everyday activities that have become a daily struggle. Assistance is offered with tasks such as bathing, showering, undressing, dressing and feeding.


There are some people who are not in the position to make their own food, a part of our services we cook and prepare meals if people are unable to help themselves in this area.

This helps to ensure that the care service user is drinking fluids and eating a healthy diet despite experiencing times of hardship. We can also support with grocery shopping of a persons a choice.

It is important, with a care service such as this, that the service user can maintain dignity whilst receiving good support, which brings a comforting routine back to their daily activity.

Daily Assistance Support

Daily Assistance and Support is significantly important to maintain a good quality of life among the elderly and those in need of daily care. It is vital to ensure that a normal daily routine is maintained as best as possible. Regular exercise is encouraged whether it means walking around the house or up and down the street on a regular basis to ensure continuous activities which are of vital importance. For some people practicing their faith on a daily or so basis this is also of importance and we are committed to giving support and assistance when needed.

We understand the importance and why empowering people to continue with things that helps them to maintain their daily lives such as participating in undressing, getting dressed, being reminded to take their medication, no matter the hardship that they face. The presence of daily assistant from a Support worker could provide the necessary motivation to continue with their day-to-day routines, and supporting the achievement of any personal goals or ambitions.

Domestic Support

If the primary concern is the maintenance of the environment in which the service user lives, domestic support may be the ideal solution. House cleaning, light gardening, washing, and ironing, are just some of the services we provide.

What we find rewarding is giving individual peace of mind and to make them feel comfortable in their own home this is the priority of our service, we are happy that this can all be taking place whilst upholding the health and safety of our service users.

Social Activity

We are fully aware that some people enjoy socialising just as they would generally do so. As a part of our service it’s important to help people maintain as much normality as possible. If one likes to socialise we can and will support people who are not able to go alone we will give support in getting them out of the house and encourage socialisation as we think it’s important to keep in touch with old friends, for example, going to bingo, shopping, attending church, and simply enjoying life regardless of the changes to individuals ability to do it by themselves.

Medication Support

For those who struggle to remember to take prescribed medicine we assist with prompting, which can be especially important when concerning an elderly, vulnerable, or unwell individual, medication support can be provided as it is an essential part of the care for individuals.

Specially trained support staff can be assigned to assure that the correct medicine is taken as and when instructed by Pharmacy. For additional assistance, assigned carers can also accompany clients to doctor’s appointments and any specialist appointments.

Home care services are available to provide help and support to those who truly need it. Not only does it ensure that a sense of normality can be retained for those who require the support, but it can also allow them to preserve their dignity in times of significant vulnerability.

If you know anyone that could benefit from home care services such as these, or if you simply want further information, contact Bristol-based Cultural Dignity ‘n’ Care. Specialists in home care, with full respect for cultural sensitivity.